Friday, December 9, 2011

Y'all join in!

We have been following TN Chick for years with the Saturday PhotoHunt.
Last week Jamie announced that she was stepping away.
It was a sad day for all of us who have played every saturday, and looked forward to sharing our pictures.
In true Southern form, we've decided to help a neighbor in need.
I've created this blog to be a place to share our Saturday PhotoHunts.
Thank you to everyone who voted for me to be the one to continue with our photo hunting.
If you have ideas for upcoming themes ~ give me a shout.

Y'all join in the fun!


  1. I appreciate you doing this! xoxo

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for doing this. There has been some confusion because Gattina didn't realize there was a vote until after the fact, and shortly after TN Chick announced she was stepping down, Gattina went ahead and set up a new Saturday's Photohunting meme with themes and a badge. I'm doing Gattina's this week. What I'll try to do when I have time now that your themes are up is do both of them (a shot for Gattina's and one for yours, or whichever one I have a shot for). Anyway thanks to you and Gattina and everyone who want to keep this going. I think there are enough people who enjoy photohunting for there to be two Saturday Photohunts. Cheers, Carver

  3. Thanks for taking this on board. I will be searching out a photo later to post, it is a lovely theme for your first time as host :-)

    When you have time could you produce I badge that I can use for my posts and sidebar?

    I will use the current one for now.

    Have fun, I will be enjoying the hunt with you :-)

  4. Thank you y'all for your sweet comments. I have just thrown this up quickly, but will of course get a badge for the sidebar.
    I just didn't want the Saturday Photohunt tradition to come to a screaching halt. Y'all help spread the word!
    I will have to hop over and check out Gattina's blog as well.

  5. I quickly searched for a pic. It's up because I have been an early photohunter since the very beginning :) Thanks for giving the PH a special place in a separate site, I like that!

  6. Thanks for stepping up. Highly valued.

  7. Thanks for hosting this. I'm also doing Gattina's but like Carver, will do both each week.

  8. I'm working on my post now and hope to have it up soon. Thank you for taking it over.
    Here 3 suggestion for the hunt
    Flat,Clean, and taste.

    Coffee is on.

  9. WEll when you remind me I will! :)
    Love ya,

  10. 9th lights. WEll both my blogs have lights in the headers but I dont' think that counts. I"m already behind the 8 ball.

  11. Thank you for continuing the photo hunt theme.I came on board several Saturdays ago and I really it would be over but I shouldn't have worried too much. :D Thank you again.

  12. I notice that one or two people have mentioned they can't comment here.

    There are three ways to display comments on a blog hosted by blogger. I found when I used this one that some people couldn't comment on my blog that was hosted by blogger. I changed it to one of the other two options and that seemed to cure the problem.

    It might be worth experimenting.

  13. Thank you for that tip Cherry... We'll see if it works!

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