Saturday, February 2, 2013

~ Daub ~

The photohunt for today is Daub.
When I looked at the definition (yes I admit it . . . how many of you had to do that too? ) I realized that in Alabama we use the word a little differently.

as in . . .
"I'll just take a daub of whipped cream on my pound cake.
I'm on a diet, don't y'all know."

Leave your comment and a link.
We'll be by for a visit!
Happy Hunting y'all ~


  1. Well I learn something knew every day. I will use daub in future with the cream on my cake. Looks yummy.

    I daubed with paint

  2.,, how do we pronounce Daub? We call it Dollop.

  3. That's how we use that word in NC also. I'd like to eat that delicious looking shot or rather the real thing. Happy Weekend!

  4. Sandi então dessa vez errei feio! :( Para mim a tradução aparecia como algo que precisa de argamassa, post há também um foto de garfos, que usamos para comer, será que serve? hahaha
    Um abraço, adorei sua foto!

  5. Isso parece delicioso!

  6. Would love a diet of that! Beautifully composed picture!
    My entry is at

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  8. I've always thought of “daub” in a cooking terms as I did in mine. But those who play bingo..a bingo marker is a “dauber”
    Coffee is on.

  9. Must admit that I did check out the word in the dictionary to see what variations in meaning there were to it -- but ended up with my original idea of "daub with paint"... ;b

  10. hahaha, lost in translation.

    i too had to check out the def in the dictionary, for i'm not familiar with this word.

  11. I have not heard of 'daub' until this week's PH challenge. :P

  12. Sandi - this was one of the trickiest photo hunts yet! Are you sure you didn't mean daube or dab? *smile*

    Anyway, I persevered. My post is up and can be found HERE.

    Off to check out what others have posted for daub.

    Happy huntin' y'all.

    1. Why Jerry... you could be right.
      But with my accent dab is daub!

      Daub it on~

  13. We had to think out of the box for this one

  14. This week was a real challenge!! Yes, we had to look it up! Here's ours:

    The Florida Furkids

  15. that pic made me salivate...!

    i have mine here

  16. Here's my WhistleStop Daub ~
    (which for some reason I can't get to hyper-link on this Apple Computer)

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  18. Trying again...!

    We looked it up after seeing Glogirly's definition. We were used to using it the way YOU do. Ours is up too!

    (About the only good use we got from all the sawdust in the house right now!)

  19. That looks more like a 'dollop' than a 'daub'


  20. I had to look up the word, and I probably would have used it like you described. I think that maybe we've mixed it up with "dollop"! My photo is definitely not food related today though -

  21. I'm going with daub as in daubed with paint, but there's no paint in my entry. :)

    A view

  22. Here's my photo for DAUB. I took this one in my favorite city, Florence, Italy: a full-size replica of Michelangelo's David, DAUBED over in pink and orangey-yellow.

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